1. Bloomberg jumps to fourth place in new national poll  NBC News
  2. Trump warns 2020 Dems that Bloomberg will turn his back on them  Fox News
  3. Nationwide Bloomberg ad blasts Trump's treatment of military leaders | TheHill  The Hill
  4. Clinton was going to make Bloomberg secretary of state, Trump claims  New York Post
  5. Bloomberg attacks Trump in his safe space  POLITICO
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  1. Jewel beetle’s bright colored shell serves as camouflage from predators  Ars Technica
  2. Jewel beetles' sparkle helps them hide in plain sight  Phys.org
  3. Can you spot the beetle hiding in plain sight? Scientists find new camouflage technique  Telegraph.co.uk
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  1. Pass Tinder’s catfish test and you’ll get verified  Engadget
  2. Tinder adds a panic button for dates that go wrong  CNN
  3. Coming Soon to Tinder Dates: Panic Buttons and Safety Check-Ins  The Wall Street Journal
  4. Tinder will give you a verified blue check mark if you pass its catfishing test  The Verge
  5. Tinder verification via blue checkmark rolling out, with panic button feature  9to5Mac
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  1. This Is What We'll See When Betelgeuse Really Does Go Supernova  Forbes
  2. The Biggest Celestial Event of the Year Could Happen Tomorrow  The Atlantic
  3. Will Betelgeuse blow?  Hudson Valley One
  4. Betelgeuse Just Keeps Getting Dimmer, And We Have No Idea Why  ScienceAlert
  5. Betelgeuse is continues to dim, diminishes to 1.506 magnitude  Phys.org
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  1. Hillary Clinton defends her ties to Harvey Weinstein  Page Six
  2. Harvey Weinstein rape trial turns to accusers, starting with 'Sopranos' actress  Fox Business
  3. Jury hears Weinstein's defense cite accuser's email saying 'I love you' years after alleged rape  The Advocate
  4. Ellen Barkin goes full diva at Harvey Weinstein trial  Page Six
  5. Weinstein jury to hear from "Sopranos" actress on day two of New York trial  CBS This Morning
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  1. There's A New Official Mobile Tetris  Kotaku
  2. You Soon Won't Be Able to Play EA's Official Tetris Game On Your iPhone  Gizmodo
  3. Good ol' Tetris comes back officially to the Play Store, simpler and better than ever  Android Police
  4. EA’s Tetris mobile games will disappear from iOS and Android in April  The Verge
  5. All-New Tetris Game Debuts on App Store, Developed in Partnership With The Tetris Company  MacRumors
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  1. Dow down 182 points on losses in Travelers, Dow Inc. stocks  MarketWatch
  2. Travelers Catastrophe Losses Fall, Profit Rises  Wall Street Journal
  3. Travelers net income rises but underlying combined ratio weakens in Q4  Reinsurance News
  4. P&G's stock falls as profit beats but revenue comes up short  MarketWatch
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  1. The Doomsday Clock is closer than ever to midnight. Here's why that matters  CNN
  2. Doomsday Clock moves to 100 seconds to midnight -- closest point to nuclear annihilation since Cold War  Fox News
  3. Doomsday clock is 100 seconds to midnight thanks to nuclear threats and climate change  USA TODAY
  4. Doomsday Clock 2020: Is the world close to annihilation? Should we be worried?  Express.co.uk
  5. Doomsday Clock is 100 seconds to midnight, the symbolic hour of the apocalypse  The Washington Post
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  1. Mollie Hemingway: Biden wants no part of impeachment trial witness exchange because 'he's implicated'  Fox News
  2. Joe Biden asked if he'd trade son's testimony for Bolton's  CNN
  3. Hunter Biden ordered to appear at Arkansas court hearing  Fox News
  4. Opinion: Hunter Biden for John Bolton impeachment trade is a must  Los Angeles Times
  5. Trump Tried to Dirty the Biden Name. He May Still Get His Chance.  The New York Times
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  1. Why Apple needs to make the iPhone 9 (SE 2)  CNET
  2. DOJ letter reveals the FBI recently cracked an iPhone 11  Engadget
  3. Smaller, cheaper, but still powerful new iPhone may launch in March  Digital Trends
  4. The iPhone 9 (SE 2): Here's how Apple can make it successful  CNET
  5. How to back up your iPhone to your Mac or PC and avoid the cloud  The Verge
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  1. Obama Portraits to Tour the Nation  The New York Times
  2. The wildly popular Obama portraits are going on a year-long tour to museums across the country  The Washington Post
  3. Obama portraits leaving National Portrait Gallery to tour museums across the country  The Hill
  4. Barack and Michelle Obama presidential portraits coming to Chicago  Chicago Sun-Times
  5. Obama portraits to embark on national tour in 2021  Axios
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  1. Pope Accepts Resignation of Philadelphia’s Conservative Archbishop  The Wall Street Journal
  2. Pope Francis Replaces Conservative Archbishop of Philadelphia  The New York Times
  3. Pope Francis appoints a new archbishop of Philadelphia, replacing a prominent conservative prelate  The Washington Post
  4. Cleveland Bishop Nelson Perez to be named archbishop of Philadelphia Catholic Archdiocese, reports say  cleveland.com
  5. Pope Francis Replaces Conservative Archbishop Charles Chaput as Head of Troubled Philadelphia Archdiocese  The Daily Beast
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  1. Robot maker Boston Dynamics replaces CEO to prepare for ‘new stage of growth’  The Verge
  2. Adam Savage Tests Boston Dynamics' Spot Robot!  Adam Savage’s Tested
  3. Boston Dynamics’ Spot gets an SDK and co-starring role in an Adam Savage video  TechCrunch
  4. Boston Dynamics appoints its first-ever new CEO  TechCrunch
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  1. Michelle Carter, convicted in texting suicide case, released from jail  NBCNews.com
  2. Michelle Carter, convicted in texting suicide case, released from prison  CNN
  3. The woman charged with convincing her boyfriend to commit suicide is set to be released from prison today  WKRG News 5
  4. Michelle Carter Released From Jail After Serving Less Than A Year  CBS Boston
  5. Michelle Carter, Who Encouraged Her Boyfriend To Kill Himself, Was Released From Prison Early  BuzzFeed News
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  1. British scientists accidentally discover immune cell that 'may kill all cancer'  TheBlaze
  2. British Scientists May Have Found Cure For Cancer. By Accident.  The Daily Wire
  3. One immune cell type appears to attack any type of cancer  Ars Technica
  4. New discovery may lead to 'one-size-fits-all' cancer treatment one day, researchers say  USA TODAY
  5. Doc says drugs for inflammation, diabetes can kill cancer cells  Boston Herald
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  1. Apple's new connected gyms program gives you benefits for working out with Apple Watch  CNBC
  2. Apple's new program rewards you for working out with Apple Watch  Business Insider
  3. The Apple Watch hits the gym with Connected program  TechCrunch
  4. Apple Watch Connected: a rewards program that works as you work out at the gym  9to5Mac
  5. Apple Watch Connected gym partnership aims to turn activity into rewards  CNET
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  1. Masked gunmen kill local commander of Iran's security forces  Al Jazeera English
  2. Iran commander working to suppress protests gunned down in front of home  Washington Examiner
  3. Iran Says Drone Used in Soleimani Strike Came From Kuwait  Bloomberg
  4. Soleimani's Iran  NPR
  5. Iran crisis: Military chief gunned down just weeks after Qassem Soleimani assassination  Express.co.uk
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  1. Naomi Osaka vs. Coco Gauff | 2020 Australian Open Third Round Preview  WTA
  2. Coco Gauff has nothing to lose in rematch with defending Australian Open champion Naomi Osaka  ESPN
  3. Coco Gauff & Naomi Osaka to lock horns in third round! | Australian Open 2020 Day 3  Australian Open TV
  4. Australian Open 2020: Coco Gauff snubs legend; Serena’s koala tribute  Herald Sun
  5. Serena, Federer into third round as Osaka sets up Coco crunch  Arab News
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  1. Former Recording Academy head speaks out after filing lawsuit with Grammy allegations  GMA
  2. The Recording Academy is in chaos. What does it mean for Sunday’s Grammy Awards?  The Philadelphia Inquirer
  3. Ousted Recording Academy Boss Deborah Dugan Calls Grammys “Tainted”  Deadline
  4. The Recording Academy Voting Controversy Questions the Integrity of the Grammy Awards  Esquire
  5. Suspended Grammys CEO's allegations make waves before awards show  CBS This Morning
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  1. Apple Likely to Drop Adobe Flash Support in Next Version of Safari  MacRumors
  2. Apple’s newest Safari Technology Preview release officially drops support for Adobe Flash  9to5Mac
  3. Apple drops Flash from its latest Safari browser preview  Engadget
  4. Adobe Flash disabled in latest Safari Technology Preview  AppleInsider
  5. Adobe Flash is finally dead in latest Safari Technology Preview  iMore
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  1. Check out my incredibly convincing counterfeit AirPods Pro  iMore
  2. TicPods 2 Pro Review: More Feature-Packed Than The AirPods Pro, But Fit Is A Concern  Forbes
  3. Apple's Beats Powerbeats Pro are cheaper than ever at Best Buy, but not for long  PhoneArena
  4. AirPods 2 with wireless case $160, 16-inch MacBook Pro $300 off, more in today’s best deals  9to5Mac
  5. The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Icky AirPods  How-To Geek
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  1. Loneliness is on the rise and younger workers and social media users feel it most, Cigna survey finds  CNBC
  2. Survey: 3 Out Of 5 Americans Are Lonely : Shots - Health News  NPR
  3. Younger Workers Feel Lonely at the Office  The Wall Street Journal
  4. That cushy work-at-home job can lead to social isolation, mental and physical health risks  USA TODAY
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  1. Walking sharks found near Australia  Fox News
  2. Sharks Are Evolving to Walk on Land  Futurism
  3. Bizarre Species of Walking Sharks That Can Lift Themselves Out of Water Discovered  Newsweek
  4. Walking sharks are creeping around, and it’s weirder than a Sharknado plot twist  SYFY WIRE
  5. New species of ‘walking sharks’ found in tropics. They use fins like feet on land  Sacramento Bee
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This is Microsoft’s vision for dual-screen apps on Windows 10X and Android  The VergeView full coverage on Google News
World Leaders, Gathering to Mark Holocaust, Are Urged to Fight ‘Deadly Cancer’  The New York TimesView full coverage on Google News
Utah Judge Rules Against Woman Who Was Topless in Her Own Garage  The New York TimesView full coverage on Google News
  1. New leak says the Galaxy S20's display will run at 60Hz by default  Android Central
  2. Samsung prompts speculation that the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 will receive One UI 2.0 and Android 10 after all  Notebookcheck.net
  3. Samsung Galaxy S20 display might default to 60Hz, Ultra uses stainless steel  9to5Google
  4. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip details are all over the place  CNET
  5. Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 9 scores massive 45% discount on Amazon  PhoneArena
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  1. Microsoft's Office 365 for enterprises will switch Chrome search to Bing, unless you do this  PCWorld
  2. Microsoft to force Chrome default search to Bing using Office 365 installer  The Verge
  3. Using Chrome? Microsoft Office may soon change your default search engine to Bing  TechRadar
  4. Office 365 business installations are auto-switching Chrome search to Bing  Engadget
  5. Microsoft using Office 365 to force Bing in Chrome for enterprise users  9to5Google
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U.N. Court Orders Myanmar to Protect Rohingya Muslims  The New York TimesView full coverage on Google News
  1. Senate Democrats win 2 key changes to Trump impeachment trial rules  CNBC
  2. Watch live: Trump impeachment trial continues with House Democrats arguing their case  Tennessean
  3. Trump impeachment: senators kill Democratic efforts to subpoena more evidence – as it happened  The Guardian
  4. Adam Schiff's sorry attempt to dismiss criticism  Washington Examiner
  5. Op-Ed: Trump impeachment arguments can't pass straight-face test  Los Angeles Times
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California considers cancer warning on acetaminophen  Chicago Sun-TimesView full coverage on Google News
  1. China locks down city at center of virus outbreak  DW (English)
  2. What Is Coronavirus?  QuickTake by Bloomberg
  3. U.S. gets 1st case of new virus that caused an outbreak in China  PBS NewsHour
  4. Coronavirus: China advises against travel to Wuhan as deaths surge  BBC News
  5. Stocks edge up, oil drops as China virus worries abate  Yahoo News
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  1. Users to Twitter: Ban Nazis. Twitter: What if you could have emoji reactions to a Direct Message  Boing Boing
  2. Twitter rolling out iMessage-like reactions feature to direct messages  9to5Mac
  3. Twitter is adding a major messaging feature to its apps  PhoneArena
  4. Twitter launches Facebook-like reaction emojis for DMs  Engadget
  5. Twitter is bringing Tapbacks to direct messages  Mashable
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  1. Fujifilm announces X-T200 camera with better video and a new tilting screen  Circuit Breaker
  2. Fujifilm XT200 | Hands On  Adorama
  3. Fujifilm Launches Mid-Range X-T200 and Affordable XC 35mm f/2 Lens  PetaPixel
  4. FUJIFILM X-T200 Announced With 4K Video, Digital Gimbal Stabilization and Square Format Video  cinema5D news
  5. Lightweight and low-cost, Fujifilm X-T200 and new 35mm lens target beginners  Digital Trends
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Leaders are gathering in Jerusalem for the Auschwitz anniversary. Poland's president won't be there  CNNView full coverage on Google News
  1. Trump Sets Presidential Record for Most Tweets in a Day  Snopes.com
  2. Iraqi Shia armed groups condemn Salih-Trump meeting  Al Jazeera English
  3. Watch live: Trump meets Iraq president during World Economic Forum  NBC News
  4. Iraq happy with U.S. troops, Trump says at talks over mission's future  Reuters
  5. Trump cagey about possible US troop pullout as he meets with Iraqi president at Davos  Washington Examiner
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  1. 3 Firefighters From U.S. Are Killed as Air Tanker Crashes in Australia  The New York Times
  2. News Update: NSW fire warning, Melbourne downpour | Nine News Australia  Nine News Australia
  3. Australia fires: US crew dead in firefighting plane crash  BBC News
  4. NSW South Coast bushfires: Emergency alerts issued  Bega District News
  5. Three Americans dead after firefighting water bomber crashes in rural Australia  CNN
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Smokers Should Quit at Least 4 Weeks Before Surgery, W.H.O. says  The New York TimesView full coverage on Google News
  1. It's time to say goodbye to NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. Here's why.  Space.com
  2. Science In A Minute: What is Infrared Light?  NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  3. Colorado engineers reflect on Spitzer Telescope’s final voyage through space  FOX 31 Denver
  4. Colorado team says goodbye to Spitzer Space Telescope after building it  9NEWS
  5. NASA Celebrates the Legacy of the Spitzer Space Telescope  Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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  1. Disney Continues to Sell Off 20th Century Fox Parts, Offloads Gaming Division to Scopely  Collider.com
  2. Disney to Sell Fox Video Game Division to Scopely  Hollywood Reporter
  3. Disney Has Sold One Of Its Last Few Game Studios  GameSpot
  4. Disney Sells FoxNext Games Unit to Scopely  Variety
  5. Disney says goodbye to Fox (no, not that one)  The Boston Globe
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  1. WHO Director-General's statement on IHR Emergency Committee on Novel Coronavirus  World Health Organization
  2. World Health Organization Holds Off Declaring Coronavirus a Global Emergency  QuickTake by Bloomberg
  3. U.S. readiness for a viral outbreak has improved, but there’s a long way to go  The Washington Post
  4. Cornavirus china: public health emergency expected to be declared in China as virus spreads  Evening Standard
  5. Factbox: WHO expert panel to decide whether new virus an emergency  Reuters
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  1. Several Ancient Viruses Have Been Discovered in 15,000-Year-Old Glacial Ice  ScienceAlert
  2. Ancient never-before-seen viruses discovered locked up in Tibetan glacier  Livescience.com
  3. Unknown Viruses From Earth's Ancient Past Found in Tibetan Glacier  Sputnik International
  4. Scientists Unearth 33 Viruses, Long Locked in Tibetan Glacier  Newsmax
  5. Scientists Discover Ancient Viruses Inside Glacier  Futurism
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  1. DirecTV fears explosion risk from satellite with damaged battery  SpaceNews
  2. DirecTV satellite is at risk of explosion due to battery issues  Engadget
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  1. New fraudulent text message claims to contain FedEx package information  ABC News
  2. Texting scam disguises itself as delivery notification from Amazon, FedEx  WJW FOX 8 News Cleveland
  3. 'Do not open': Scam text message poses as package tracking notification, report says  FOX 11 Los Angeles
  4. Don't Fall For It: Alert Issued For Text Message Package Delivery Scam  Mount Pleasant Daily Voice
  5. Scam alert: That text message about a FedEx delivery might not be legit  KPRC Click2Houston
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  1. Penn State suspends fraternity amid investigation into sexual assault allegation  CNN
  2. Penn State fraternity chapter suspended after report of sexual assault  The Washington Post
  3. Penn State frat suspended after sexual assault allegation  New York Daily News
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  1. 'It was sheer panic': Downtown Seattle shooting leaves at least 1 dead, 6 hurt  KOMO News
  2. 1 dead, 5 injured in downtown Seattle shooting, suspect at large  KING5.com
  3. Seattle shooting leaves 1 dead, at least five critical, suspect on the loose, officials say  Fox News
  4. 1 dead, 5 critically wounded in shooting near 3rd Avenue and Pine Street in downtown Seattle  Seattle Times
  5. 1 dead, 5 injured in downtown Seattle shooting; suspect still at large  Q13 FOX
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  1. Black Texas teen told to cut his dreadlocks in order to walk at graduation  NBC News
  2. Texas school district faces backlash after student told he couldn't walk at graduation unless he cut his dreadlocks short: report  The Hill
  3. Texas teen BANNED from his own graduation and suspended from school unless he cuts his dreadlocks  Daily Mail
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Another inmate has died at Mississippi's Parchman prison, making 8 deaths at the facility this year  CNNView full coverage on Google News
  1. Microsoft gets the ball rolling on Surface Duo apps  Engadget
  2. This is Microsoft’s vision for dual-screen apps on Windows 10X and Android  The Verge
  3. Surface Duo Emulator hands on  Neowin
  4. Microsoft releases preview SDK for its Surface Duo dual-screen Android phone  Android Police
  5. See the Microsoft Surface Duo's dual-screen Android OS in action  Windows Central
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  1. Eli Manning announces his retirement New York Giants  Giants.com
  2. BREAKING: Eli Manning announces his retirement from the NFL | CBS Sports HQ  CBS Sports
  3. Glauber: Timing of Eli Manning's retirement is perfect  Newsday
  4. Eli Manning expected to announce retirement on Friday  YESNetwork
  5. Eli Manning retires: Is the Giants QB a 1st-ballot Hall of Famer? He shouldn’t be, and here’s why  NJ.com
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