1. Aug. 29 marks important milestone to Space Force launch  USA TODAY
  2. Space Command launching Aug. 29 | TheHill  The Hill
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Super-Earth at a nearby star is a Mercury-like hunk of rock  Ars Technica

The most common star in our galaxy is a red dwarf, smaller and dimmer than Earth. Because these small stars put out much less radiation, the region where ...

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  1. Colin Cowherd Says 2019 Clemson Could Become Greatest College Team Ever  Fox Sports Radio
  2. Clemson QB Lawrence leads AP preseason All-America team  The Associated Press
  3. Lawrence headlines preseason All-America team  ESPN
  4. FSU’s Marvin Wilson named to AP Preseason All-America Team  247Sports
  5. Trevor Lawrence Headlines Preseason AP All-America 1st Team; Tua 2nd Team  Bleacher Report
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New Nvidia driver update cuts latency down to the bone (Updated)  Ars Technica

In the world of high-end gaming graphics cards, improvements in benchmarks like frame rate, resolution, and sharpness dominate much of the discussion.

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Italy's Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, Resigns, Turning Chaos Into Uncertainty  The New York Times

ROME — The most nationalist, populist and dysfunctional Italian government in decades collapsed on Tuesday as the country's prime minister announced his ...

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  1. Scientists Find Interstellar Iron in Antarctic Snow | Astronomy, Geology  Sci-News.com
  2. Scientists discover star dust in Antarctic snow  Phys.org
  3. Researchers found supernova dust in snow from Antarctica and it could be 20 million years old  CNN
  4. Stardust in the Antarctic snow: Iron-60 discovery in the Antarctic provides information on the environment of solar system  Science Daily
  5. Supernova dust found in Antarctic snow could be 20 million years old  7NEWS
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  1. Scientists now say big earthquakes start with many smaller ones  Los Angeles Times
  2. Scientists Make 'Big Leap' in Understanding Earthquakes  Newser
  3. California earthquakes today: Flurry of quakes hit west coast - is the ‘Big One’ coming?  Express.co.uk
  4. Galilee earthquake swarms caused by increased groundwater extraction  The Jerusalem Post
  5. Scientists finally know how big earthquakes start: with many smaller ones  Phys.org
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One of the most exciting new iPhone 11 rumors is almost definitely wrong  BGR

Apple's next-generation iPhone 11 lineup is set to be announced just three weeks from now. No, seriously, the Cupertino company's big iPhone event date has ...

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  1. Florida teen says vaping caused lung to collapse: 'I couldn’t breathe'  Fox News
  2. Texas health department investigating link between lung disease, vaping  KHOU 11
  3. CDC investigating incidents of severe lung illness associated with vaping  MassLive.com
  4. Utah ‘urgently’ investigating lung disease in 5 vaping young adults  Deseret News
  5. CDC: 11 Hoosiers with history of vaping have lung illnesses  WANE
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The ambitious Europa Clipper has cleared an important step toward flight  Ars Technica

NASA has given its ambitious Europa Clipper mission a green light to proceed into final design and then into construction of the spacecraft.

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  1. Nvidia releases big driver update with ultra-low latency mode, integer scaling, and more  The Verge
  2. Nvidia CEO says buying a GPU without ray tracing is ‘just crazy’  PC Gamer
  3. GeForce NOW for Android Coming “Later This Year”  Droid Life
  4. Nvidia is bringing its GeForce Now cloud gaming service to Android phones  The Verge
  5. Nvidia GeForce Now is Coming to Android Phones with RTX Servers - IGN  IGN
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  1. Facebook’s Clear History privacy tool finally begins rolling out in three countries  The Verge
  2. Facebook Tracked Your Web Browsing History For Years. You Can Finally See That Data.  BuzzFeed News
  3. Facebook unveils new tools to control how websites share your data for ad-targeting  TechCrunch
  4. Facebook launches 'clear history' tool – but it won't delete anything  The Guardian
  5. Facebook unveils long-promised tool to limit what data it receives from third-party apps and websites  The Washington Post
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  1. Sheriff: Man that teen met online nearly kidnaps her in high school parking lot  KCRG
  2. Sheriff: Man wanted to marry Ky. teen, tried abducting her  ABC News
  3. Man arrested after flying across country, attempting to kidnap Boone County teen, authorities say  WLWT Cincinnati
  4. Crime Police: Las Vegas man arrested after attempted kidnapping of teen girl Jordan Gartner 3:38  KTNV Las Vegas
  5. Sheriff: Las Vegas man flies to Kentucky to kidnap teen in school parking lot  WKYT
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  1. Leak: Here are the items that'll drop from the sky when throwing the upcoming Fortnite Junk Rift Item  Fortnite Insider
  2. ‘Fortnite’ Just Accidentally Blew Up Something On The Map, Creating Glitched Items  Forbes
  3. Fortnite - Junk Rift - New Item  Fortnite
  4. Fortnite v10.10 content update patch notes - Junk Rift item, map changes and more  Dexerto
  5. Fortnite Lost Spray Cans Guide: Where To Find Every Lost Can In Season X Challenge  GameSpot
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  1. Baker Mayfield trashes Daniel Jones as a loser  New York Post
  2. Mayfield - Giants' pick of Jones 'blows my mind'  ESPN
  3. Baker Mayfield: Apology for Ohio State Flag Plant 'Absolutely' Wasn't Heartfelt  Bleacher Report
  4. Baker Mayfield on the Haters, that Ohio State Flag Apology, and Winning  GQ
  5. Want Baker Mayfield on your fantasy team? Here's when to draft him  cleveland.com
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  1. News | Mission to Jupiter's Icy Moon Confirmed  Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  2. NASA confirms Europa Clipper mission to study Jupiter's icy moon  New Atlas
  3. Nasa confirms ocean moon mission  BBC News
  4. NASA Has Committed to a Rocket for the Europa Mission--and It Won't Be Ready on Time  Scientific American
  5. Nasa is going to search for alien life on Jupiter's frozen moon Europa  Metro.co.uk
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  1. $700K for an apartment? The cost to solve the homeless crisis is soaring in Los Angeles  USA TODAY
  2. San Francisco homeless stats soar: city blames big business, residents blame officials  Fox News
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Home and Away actor Ben Unwin has died aged 41  CNN

Actor Ben Unwin, who made his name playing Jesse McGregor in Australian TV soap "Home and Away," has died at the age of 41.

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  1. Yubico releases the first Lightning security key for iPhones  The Verge
  2. The Lightning YubiKey Is Here to Kill Passwords on Your iPhone  WIRED
  3. iPhone owners can now plug in hardware security keys with the YubiKey 5Ci  CNET
  4. Yubico Launches Lightning-Equipped YubiKey 5Ci for Secure Physical Authentication on iOS Devices  Mac Rumors
  5. YubiKey 5Ci: The world’s first Lightning-compatible security key  ZDNet
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  1. Florida bosses told Puerto Rican medical staffers: Speak English or be fired, workers say  USA TODAY
  2. Florida health clinic staff are warned to speak English only or be fired, complaint says  NBCNews.com
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  1. AP Exclusive: Freeway crossing to give wildlife room to roam  Associated Press
  2. In California: World's largest highway overpass for wildlife on track outside L.A.  CBS News
  3. California Reportedly Plans To Build Bridge Over Major Freeway To Give Wildlife Room To Roam  HuffPost
  4. World's largest highway overpass for wildlife on track in California  10TV
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  1. SLS contractors expect first launch in 2021  SpaceNews
  2. NASA needs your help to deliver cargo to its lunar Gateway  BGR
  3. Trump's Artemis moon landing plan faces new trouble  Quartz
  4. Squabbles over NASA's lunar lander, Astrobotics takes a punt on ULA and India arrives at the Moon  The Register
  5. The future of commercial space transportation  The Space Review
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Space telescope offers rare glimpse of Earth-sized rocky exoplanet  Yahoo News

By Steve Gorman. (Reuters) - Direct observations from a NASA space telescope have for the first time revealed the atmospheric void of a rocky, Earth-sized ...

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Italy's Government Faces a Confidence Vote Where Nothing Is Certain  The New York Times

ROME — This month, Matteo Salvini, the surging leader of Italy's anti-migrant League party, announced that he'd had it with his own coalition government and ...

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  1. USWNT's gender discrimination lawsuit against US Soccer will go to trial in May 2020  AOL
  2. Judge Sets May 2020 Trial Date in U.S. Women’s Soccer Lawsuit  The New York Times
  3. USWNT's equal pay suit will go to trial in 2020  ESPN
  4. USWNT's equal-pay battle now has a court date  New York Post
  5. USWNT's gender discrimination lawsuit against U.S. Soccer will go to trial in May 2020  Yahoo Sports
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Kansas insurance regulator calls Harry Markopolos' GE allegations 'simplistic'  CNBC

The Kansas Insurance Department isn't impressed with fraud investigator Harry Markopolos allegations against General Electric's long-term care reinsurance ...

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  1. IFTTT warns its Nest users not to migrate to Google accounts  The Verge
  2. You can now migrate your Nest account to Google, but there's no way to go back  Android Police
  3. Nest Migration to Google Accounts is Now Live  Droid Life
  4. IFTTT tells Nest users not to move their accounts over to Google  Engadget
  5. Nest to Google Account migration begins on web, Android, and iOS  9to5Google
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  1. Apple TV Plus to reportedly launch by November for about $10 per month  CNET
  2. Apple TV Plus will reportedly cost $9.99 per month and launch in November  The Verge
  3. Apple Targets Apple TV+ Launch in November, Weighs $9.99 Price After Free Trial  Bloomberg
  4. Apple said to be aiming for Apple TV+ launch in November at $9.99 a month  Los Angeles Times
  5. Apple TV+ subscription service leak details price and launch plans  SlashGear
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  1. Carrie Lam says Hong Kong economy faces 'risk of downturn' amid protests  CNBC
  2. Hong Kong Leader Lam Faces Pressure to Start Talks After Peaceful March  The Wall Street Journal
  3. Hong Kong leader says she hopes non-violent protest puts city on road to peace  Reuters
  4. Hong Kong protests: How will this end? | The Stream  Al Jazeera English
  5. Apologize, Carrie Lam  The Wall Street Journal
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India's Moon probe enters lunar orbit  Phys.org

India's Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft entered lunar orbit on Tuesday, executing one of the trickiest manoeuvres on its historic mission to the Moon.

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  1. Eugene Robinson: Trump is panicking that his reality show presidency won't be renewed  Salt Lake Tribune
  2. CNN Poll: Joe Biden regains double-digit lead over 2020 Democratic field  CNN
  3. Donald Trump's latest conspiracy theory target? Fox News.  CNN
  4. Does Anyone Know What Electability Is?  The New York Times
  5. Mary Anne Marsh: Trump in big trouble for 2020. Political and economic warning signs there for all to see  Fox News
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  1. Stock up on Amazon tech with this Echo sale  GamesRadar
  2. Amazon back-to-school deals: Echo Show 5 for $65, Echo Dot for $30 and more  CNET
  3. Echo Dots are down to $30, but probably not for very long  BGR
  4. Amazon Back-to-School Deals: Fire TV Stick 4K, Echo Dot, Echo Show 5  PCMag
  5. Amazon Echo Show 5 vs. the Google Nest Hub  CNET
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Trump Urges Restraint by India and Pakistan in Kashmir Conflict  The Wall Street Journal

President Trump urged restraint on both sides of the Kashmir conflict in calls with the leaders of India and Pakistan, as tensions over the disputed region have ...

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  1. HP's latest gaming headset delivers active cooling, noise cancellation  Engadget
  2. The HP Omen X 27 is a 240Hz QHD Gaming Monitor - IGN  IGN
  3. HP's New Pavilion Gaming Desktop Offers Easy Upgradability for $699  Tom's Guide
  4. HP Announces the Omen X 27-inch HDR 240 Hz Gaming Monitor  Tom's Hardware
  5. This Budget Gaming Desktop Comes with Ryzen 3rd Generation Processors - IGN  IGN
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Asian shares mostly rise after Wall Street rally on Huawei  The Associated Press

TOKYO (AP) — Asian shares were mostly higher Tuesday after Wall Street rallied on the U.S. decision to give Chinese telecom giant Huawei another 90 days to ...

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  1. Huawei Founder Sees ‘Live or Die Moment’ From U.S. Uncertainty  Yahoo Finance
  2. Huawei expects no relief from US sanctions but is confident  KTBS
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  1. El Paso mass shooter on suicide watch, sheriff's office says  USA TODAY
  2. Could students pray, discuss El Paso mass shooting in school?  PolitiFact
  3. El Paso mass shooting suspect Patrick Crusius reportedly on suicide watch  New York Post
  4. El Paso mass shooting: El Paso mass shooting suspect Patrick Crusius on suicide watch  CBS News
  5. Governor brings big tech to the table after El Paso attack  Washington Post
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  1. Kirsten Gillibrand: "False Debate" Between "Uber-Progressives" And Moderates In Democratic Primary; Candidate Must Be "Both"  RealClearPolitics
  2. Gillibrand continues her summer sprint to make the debate stage in Houston  The Washington Post
  3. Gillibrand says she's not opposed to 'second chances' for Halperin and Franken  POLITICO
  4. Gillibrand: There's a 'path for redemption' for Al Franken, Mark Halperin  USA TODAY
  5. Gillibrand: 'Of course' I'd consider a VP offer  POLITICO
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  1. US high school students appear to give Nazi salute at sports ceremony  The Guardian
  2. California high school students seen in video giving Nazi salute and singing Nazi marching song  CNN
  3. California teens’ Nazi salute video surfaces online, is condemned by school leaders  Sacramento Bee
  4. Video shows Orange County teens giving Nazi salute  Los Angeles Times
  5. California high school students caught giving Nazi salute in video  New York Post
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  1. US must re-seize Iran's illicit oil vessel  Washington Examiner
  2. U.S. has conveyed its 'strong position' to Greece about Iranian tanker: official  Reuters
  3. Release of Iranian tanker 'unfortunate': U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo  Reuters
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  1. 'Bachelor in Paradise': Who is Kristian Haggerty, the Woman Who Demi Burnett is Dating?  Showbiz Cheat Sheet
  2. 'Bachelor' Contender Mike Johnson Says Peter Weber Would Be the 'Safe' Choice (Exclusive)  Yahoo Entertainment
  3. Bachelor in Paradise Sneak Peek: Demi Is Conflicted Over Her Two Relationships (Exclusive)  Entertainment Tonight
  4. 'Bachelor In Paradise': Fans Are Telling Caelynn Miller-Keyes That She's Not A Good Fit For Dean Unglert  Showbiz Cheat Sheet
  5. Chad Johnson Goes on Epic Bachelor Nation Twitter Rant, Calls Out Tyler Cameron and More  Yahoo Entertainment
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  1. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Trailer Reveals September 3 Release  Anime News Network
  2. This New Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Trailer Reveals The Game's Release Date  GameSpot
  3. Final Fantasy 8 Remastered Release Date Announced - IGN  IGN
  4. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Launches September 3 on PS4  PlayStation.Blog
  5. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered hits Xbox One on September 3  Windows Central
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  1. Chandrayaan-2 successfully enters Moon's orbit  WION
  2. Chandrayaan-2 successfully enters Moon's orbit, just days for landing  Times of India
  3. Countdown to Epic Landing: NewsX Updates on Chandrayaan 2 to Enter Lunar Orbit  NewsX
  4. Big Day For ISRO, Chandrayaan-2 Successfully Enters The Moon’s Orbit  Mashable India
  5. India's Moon probe enters lunar orbit  Phys.org
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  1. Former Siri Boss Joins Microsoft  Thurrott.com
  2. Former Siri chief is leaving Apple to join Microsoft’s AI division  The Verge
  3. Microsoft hires Apple's former Siri chief  CNBC
  4. Tech Moves: Apple’s former Siri chief jumps to Microsoft; Halo Infinite creative director departs  GeekWire
  5. Report: Apple's former Siri leader takes up new AI role at Microsoft  9to5Mac
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  1. Russia nuclear monitoring stations go quiet after blast  CNN
  2. Russian Radiation Detectors Went Silent After Nuclear-powered Missile Blast  Newsweek
  3. Global network's nuclear sensors in Russia went offline after mystery blast  Reuters
  4. Nuclear monitoring stations went mysteriously quiet after Russian missile facility explosion  CNN
  5. Two Russian Nuclear-Monitoring Stations Went Silent After Nuclear Reactor Mishap  The Daily Beast
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Turkey Threatens New Tensions With Russia and Iran in Syria As It Tries to Make a Deal with U.S.  Newsweek

Turkey has defied warnings from Russia, Iran and their local allies in Syria by seeking a deal with the United States and continuing to support insurgents as they ...

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  1. Microsoft Announces New Updates for Xbox App on PCs  Thurrott.com
  2. Gamescom: What was announced at the world's biggest video game conference  CNN
  3. Everything Microsoft Showed On Today's Inside Xbox  Kotaku
  4. Inside XBOX @ Gamescom 2019 in 14 Minutes  Engadget
  5. Devil May Cry 5, Blair Witch Project and More Coming to Xbox Game Pass - Gamescom 2019 - IGN  IGN
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  1. Careening dump truck leaves trail of destruction in Pioneer Square  KOMO News
  2. Building in Seattle evacuated after dump truck slams into eatery  ABC News
  3. Dump truck crashes into Subway sandwich shop in Seattle’s Pioneer Square, 5 injured  The Seattle Times
  4. Dump truck crashes into Subway restaurant in Seattle  KING 5
  5. 5 injured after dump truck careens down street in Pioneer Square, smashes into a Subway  Seattle PI
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49ers vs. Broncos Preseason Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019  NFL

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  1. Watch New Death Stranding Gameplay From Gamescom 2019  PlayStation Universe
  2. 14 Minutes of Vigor 1.0 Gameplay  IGN
  3. New Death Stranding footage shows off pee gameplay  Polygon
  4. Hideo Kojima's BFF Geoff Keighley Is Actually In Death Stranding  Kotaku
  5. Death Stranding: New Gameplay Shown Off, Includes Urination Mechanic - Gamescom 2019 - IGN  IGN
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